Witches and Warlocks in history

The society of Witches and Warlocks was established well before the birth of The Son of Man. On early years of the start of this association it was believed that the people of this congregation would mostly commit harmless creations, but as all good things are created so are bad. Slowly as a decomposing body; evil begins to stir, and groups began to appear.

No form of authority had been established then, but it was evident to even the hostile themselves that some form of regulation had to form. The first seven official government types of personnel had been created.

Seven Families; The Spellmen, Blackwell, Campbell, Adler, Valverde, Fagan, Lovejoy.

The people of their homes believed that they were chosen by Nyx, goddess of night, to forever keep the small community at the time, thriving. As years went by and the power went from parents to children as kings, something came clear. They could no longer show their authority to the civilians of their continent, people looking for democracy, and the ability to vote. Completely forgetting that Nyx chose who would lead.

Realizing the dilemma they were in the Main families stepped down, to the citizens they were no longer in power but secretly still, to this day control the laws and power of the world. Allowing the mortals to play their silly power games.