Ok I'm like really stressed right now, but here it's just not cool. I mean when has there been a time where we all got along? NEVER! Zack, i dont even know if hes still banned and im not gonna check because even if he was he is gonna be unbanned in like a week because someone just:"cant see him be blocked like that" anyway... This wiki is supposed to be like a family, and if this is supposed to be a family im disowning all of you! because seriously, this is the CRAPPIEST family ever. Sooooooo i MIGHT leave. Unless we can make some progress here im DONE. I mean we have been spending more time on Xat then we do hear or anywhere else.

Now if i do leave here are some things i wanna say:


You are really cool... You are nice, and stuff... (couldnt thik of anything to say) you are one of the people that can get along with others here, you are definitely a cool person.


Ok you are pretty cool yourself. I know we've had troubles in the past but i think we are slowly but steadily becoming friends.

Sarah and Kitten

You agree with zack A LOT and we have had a ROCKY PAST but i think of you as the sisters i never wanted. (in a good way) You are cool, nice, and funny.




... I just dont know what to say...

Coldplay - Fix You

Coldplay - Fix You

List4en to this if u want this blog to have emotion

Leave your thoughts if i should leave or not in le comments